About me

Some basic facts about me, nicely spelled up in boring points …
* Name: Richard Bååth
* 33 years old, born 1984
* Residing in Malmö, Sweden, but raised in rural areas outside Trelleborg
* Family: Parents and siblings
* Work as a Seacaptain/mate at a ship in the southern Baltic Sea

I have always enjoyed adventure and outdoor activities, such as hiking and cycling, ever since I was little. Unfortunately, I’ve been quite alone about it among my friends over the years with a few exceptions. For most of my years I’ve been trying to get my friends to engage in some adventure with mixed results. However, most often with missing results.
But if you will get something done here in life you can not go hanging on and think others will do same things as me. Therefor I have in recent years begun to do stuff like this by myself. I acquired some equipment and got me out in Europe and cycled. I already knew before that I loved it, but became even more determined by the way to travel. Discovering the land, landscape and nature from the saddle is unmatched.



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